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Start Your OWN Successful Home Business

Tweet Hello and welcome to my FLP site, (Forever Living Products). My name is John Cowper and I am a Graphic Designer/Website Designer, Teacher, Network Marketer and Entrepreneur. I am an Independent FLP Distributor. I came across this business opportunity through a business network. I have to say that this is one of the best [...]


Some Benefits of Using Aloe Vera Forever Products

Scholars have noted that from the beginning of time people have found ways to heal the body with a variety of different products, but none of them are quite as great or as effective as Aloe Vera. The plant has been utilized for what seems like every ailment, and for those that are looking for [...]


Network Marketing Verses Internet Marketing

Hi as you know I’m John, DESIGNER, NETWORK MARKETER, ENTREPRENEUR and I am also an internet marketer and I have other websites that focus on making money online and can help you make money online although this site is about making money offline. The blogs below all serve different needs, functions and money making ideas. [...]


Network Marketing – How To Get Involved In A Forever Business

People of all ages can appreciate having more time to spend with those they love. The average person has a heavy schedule that is constantly going at a break neck speed. For those that are still stuck in the 9 to 5 world and are looking for air to breathe, there is a great home [...]


Please Visit My Forever Online Shop

Please feel free to visit my Forever Online Shop, as this is where you will find almost all of the Forever Living Product range. Below I have placed a list of all the products that you will find in the Online Shop. If you are visiting this site from outside Ireland you can shop within [...]

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